It is an honor to help animals, and a pleasure to help the people that love them

Betsy York L.V.T./Hospital Administrator

Betsy grew up in the wilds of Northern New York knowing she wanted to do ‘something’ with animals from about the age of 2. As life would have it, she found herself in Utica, NY where she worked as Assistant Director of the Stevens Swan Humane Association and Humane Investigator for 3 years. Seeing injured animals ignited her desire to pursue a degree as a veterinary technician. “When you are in the hospital who do you spend more time with your doctor or your nurse? I wanted to be a nurse”. After graduating from SUNY Delhi she worked at various small animal practices, before finding herself as the veterinary technician at the Burnet Park Zoo. As the sole technician she assisted with the care of the entire collection of animals. It was at the zoo that she met and first worked with Dr. Spindel. His passion for veterinary medicine, as well as his sense of humor, convinced her that the Animal Ark was the place she wanted to be, a decision she has never regretted. Betsy has worked at the Ark in a variety of capacities since 1995, taking time out to raise her two sons. She enjoys working with the different animals, including their human caretakers. At home Betsy is busy, with two growing sons, a wonderful husband, 3 horses, 2 sheep, too many chickens, 2 cockatiels, cats “Jack” and “BC”, dog “Cookie” and goldfish “George”.